They’re in the App Store ay now, though the Android version is technically a “preview” build. Microsoft says once it gets enough feedback makes the necessary tweaks it will deem it a final version, just as it did Thursday with Office for Android. If you’ve used Accompli before, the new Outlook should look really familiar. That’s because Microsoft purchased Accompli has re-engineered the app to take the place of its rather terrible Outlook b App Android app. By the looks of it the best features are still there. For example, just like ’s Inbox or Mailbox you can swipe away messages for archiving, deleting, or later retrieval. However Outlook lets you customize these gestures instead of locking you into one system. It also has a separate tab for calendars, people, files. You can view or attach to a message documents, images, or anything stored in OneDrive, Drive, or Dropbox. You can also send out calendar invites check others’ availability, a key feature of using Outlook on the desktop. The impact on you: If you have an Exchange account, or are always looking for ways to step up your productivity, this is definitely good news. Accompli was a great email alternative Microsoft has done a good job of transforming it into what may be an email powerhouse.

Office 365 gets more compelling

A key driver of Microsoft’s new strategy is Office 365, which gives you subscriptions to rd, Excel, werint apps. But for businesses, the most important piece maybe be email calendar services through Microsoft Exchange. Before today you’d have to plug in your email account on a mobile device to the stock app or a third-party offering on Android or iOS. th its own Outlook app, Microsoft now makes a stronger case to convince businesses, schools, or individuals to go with Office instead of Apps as their core productivity suite. th Outlook Office for Android the company now has its core apps on the web with Office online, the desktop, the dominant mobile platforms. No doubt is paying attention, so we’re likely to see a stepped-up productivity battle between the tech giants.