Even though the video is in rtuguese, you get the gist of what’s coming with the next Moto G.  so, a screenshot details a wide array of color options you’ll be able to choose from, as this edition of the Moto G will be available with Moto Maker. st like the Moto X, the front housing is white or black, but you can pick its back color. A leaked image offers other details. The specs are rather respectable for a mid-range device (the current model starts at $179), with a 13Mback 5Mfront camera, an unspecified “quad-core” chip, I7 water resistance, a microSD card slot, Android 5.1.  The story behind the story: Motorola has an event planned for ly 28, where the company will likely show off both the Moto X Moto G, but with each day there’s less to announce. The Moto G was our favorite mid-range device last year, all the leaks show this one to be promising as well.