But it has an explanation. Not that Apple has decided from one day to the next to erase hundreds of thousands of applications from the App Store from the face of the earth, but that it is a change that the company has been announcing for a long, yes, a long time. What happens is that iOS 11 will no longer be compatible with 32-bit applications, which is a very old technology of which any developer who values himself should have already come off. The Cupertino giant Apple has given more than enough time for developers to upgrade their apps to the latest technology, 64-bit, but in the Apple store, there are still applications that have stalled in the old technology of 32-bit. According to a study, there are more than 187,000 applications for iPhone, iPad, and iPod that will stop working on the next version of iOS and most of them correspond to games. As a study carried out by the company SensorTower has revealed, 8% of all applications of the App Store continues to operate under the old technology of 32-bits, precisely the one that will no longer be compatible with iPhone, IPad and iPod into the next iOS update. We are talking about 200,000 different apps, and in all cases, they are old applications that have been seemingly abandoned by their developers. We can be sure that the change will not affect WhatsApp, Facebook or Candy Crush, but it is possible that we see disappearance on our home screen some other outdated application that we have been using since the first iPhone was launched. As the study reveals, a good part of the applications that will stop working in iOS 11 corresponds to games (the update will affect more than 38,000 games). In second place are applications related to education (19,765), while in the third place we find the category of entertainment (with 14,239). So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.