The Nextbit Robin arrived in two variants when it launched, but now there’s a new color scheme going up for sale. The Robin is now getting a new color scheme for a limited time, as the company has officially announced, and made available, a new Ember variant. The design boasts a neutral black body, but features red end caps. The device retails for $299, and Nextbit says that there are only a limited number of devices available. So when they sell out they’ll be gone for good. Nextbit has the Ember variant available beginning today, but the store appears to be down as of the time of publishing, so if you’re interested in the new handset, keep checking back at the store to make sure you have a shot at it.

In India, Nextbit confirmed the device will go on sale next week through FlipKart, with limited availability there, too. Finally, Nextbit confirmed that videos will support archiving, just like photos, with new software arriving in August. With the new software, unwatched videos can be archived to save storage space on the device. Beta testers can begin trying it out today.