If you had to match paint colors to an existing surface in the old days, it meant taking a swatch off the wall and returning to the hardware store so a worker could give you their best guess. These days, professionals use handy gadgets like the Nix Mini Color Sensor to detect the perfect shade. And during this Spring Refresh sale, ZDNet readers can take an extra $10 off the already discounted price.  This handheld device may be small, but it can be a lifesaver if you’re working on any painting job. With the Nix Mini’s internal camera, you no longer have to rely on your own eye to distinguish between shades’ subtle differences. Instead, the Nix not only tells you exactly what color you see on almost any surface, but it can also suggest the kind of paint you need to match it.  To use the Nix, simply hold it up to a wall or surface. (It even works on upholstery and fabrics.) The device uses its own internal light to eliminate shading or other interferences, and it pumps out an answer in seconds. Pair it with your phone via Bluetooth to get an exact designation for your color in sRGB HEX, LAB or CMYK.  The Nix becomes even more useful once you pair it with its companion app, which allows the device to access an updated database for color swatches from major paint brands, including Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Dulux. This can take the guesswork out of choosing the accurate paint shade, and you can even share your colors with others through email or social media if you’re collaborating on decor. In addition, the device is light and durable, making it a worthy consideration for any modern decorator’s toolbox. As Mashable puts it, “The Nix Mini Color Sensor could be an awesome tool to feed your innate perfectionism.” The Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 is on sale for $83.95 or 15% off. But during our Spring Refresh sale, you can take an extra $10 off purchases of $75 or more, including this device, by using coupon code SPRING10. That brings the Nix Mini down to just $73.95.