Even if the idea of dancing elves doesn’t bring you joy, there are plenty of other options out there. Tap or click here for apps that well help perk you up this holiday season. Ever wanted a way to virtually show off your holiday spirit while incorporating elves? You’re in luck. Not only does ElfYourself do this and more, but new dances have been added that really kick up the holiday fun.

What in the world is ElfYourself?

It’s not strange and it’s not complicated: You can easily ElfYourself by heading to the website or downloading the app. Everyone can get in on the fun by creating your elves and watching them star in holiday-themed celebration videos that you can share. You can use the app to create up to five elves, using photos from your camera or Facebook. Then bring your elves to life with AR projections of them in different locations. You can even create an Elf-themed Christmas card with a personalized greeting that you can share with friends and family. The hilarious feature everyone’s talking about is the new dances you can choose for your elves and videos of them dancing that the app generates. The service is free to use, though the apps do have ads and in-app purchases if you’d like to partake. If you’d really like to change up the look and sound of your elves beyond a few simple options, you’ll have to pay.
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How to use ElfYourself

To get started, download the ElfYourself app on iOS or Android. After that, the process is easy:

Open the app and link your Facebook account if you’d like to use Facebook photos to create your elves.Clicking the Facebook button on the home screen will prompt you to enter your account information.Either take or choose a photo to use to create your elf by tapping the Take Photo, Camera Roll, or Facebook buttons.Follow the onscreen prompts to make sure your image is correctly applied to your elf.Then, either make another elf (up to five) or tap the Add Greeting button to create a virtual Christmas card that you can share, or tap the Let’s Dance! button to create a video of your elf dancing along to a song.

It only takes moments to get your elf up and running, so don’t feel like you’re locked into any options you select. With the holidays comes holiday shopping. However, there are some things you can do to save money before you even start shopping. Tap or click for a money-saving tool that can cut costs everywhere online.