Paying for my ride, however, has been kept simple thanks to my iPhone and Apple Watch.  Whether you want to use your city’s official transportation card or your personal credit card, here’s how you can use Apple Wallet to quickly “scan in” to your ride. Also: I made a huge Apple Watch mistake

How to add your card to Apple Wallet

Also: How to use Apple Pay in stores and online

Which public transit can I ride using Apple Wallet?

Most major public transit companies in hub cities in the United States accept payments via Apple Wallet. Click here to see if your city – in or outside of the United States – supports mobile transactions.

Is Apple Pay the same as Apple Wallet? 

Apple Pay is integrated within Apple Wallet. With Apple Pay, you can share and send money to contacts and other Apple users. The Apple Wallet is an overarching entity for storing your different payment methods, including Apple Cash and even your virtual boarding passes for travel.

Do I have to pay for Apple Wallet?

No. Apple Wallet comes included with your iPhone and Apple Watch. You also don’t have to pay to store your credit and debit cards in the app.