OnePlus has an interesting system to sell phones, based around an invite system that funnels in orders for the company’s flagship device. It’s a system that some would like gone, but OnePlus asserts that the invite system helps the company scale its operations, so it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. At least, not initially. However, OnePlus has just announced that beginning December 5 at midnight, the OnePlus 2 will be going invite-free forever. That means, beginning tomorrow, anyone that wants to get a OnePlus 2 can do so just by buying one, and will no longer need to wait within the invite system. This marks a pretty big move for OnePlus, considering that it’s been only four months since the company launched the OnePlus 2. Compare the invite-free arrival date for the OnePlus One, which arrived almost a year after its launch, and this is a much better method. On top of that, the OnePlus X, the company’s newest device, will be going invite-free for the holidays, but only for a limited time. Specifically, beginning December 5 and only until December 7. OnePlus also says that if you want to get your OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X by the time the holidays kick in, you’ll need to order by December 7. OnePlus is also kicking off some other promotions, too:

OnePlus 2 StyleSwap covers for 50 percent off Select OnePlus One accessories for 90 percent off All other accessories for 10 percent off A limited number of first orders will get Never Settle mousepad

With these promotions about to kick off, do you plan on taking advantage of any of them?