The LG G Flex 2 shipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor installed, but after that many high-profile devices that were expected to feature the processor didn’t end up making it to market with the unit. Why that was still remains a hot topic, especially with Samsung’s own JK Shin essentially saying that Qualcomm’s processor wasn’t as good as Samsung wanted for their newest flagships. Of course, Qualcomm’s own VP of marketing laid everything out, saying that “someone” wanted to smear Qualcomm’s name and products, leading to several devices not featuring the CPU. All of that aside, it looks like Qualcomm is going to get another shot at being tucked inside a flagship smartphone, this time from OnePlus. The company has officially announced that the OnePlus 2, which isn’t technically announced just yet, will feature a “Snapdragon 810 v2.1” under the hood. According to the company, Qualcomm’s changes to the 810 to earn that v2.1 badge are focused on the processor running cooler than ever before. OnePlus says that the OxygenOS that will ship on the upcoming handset was built specifically for this CPU, and that it will assign different tasks to different processors. The larger processors will be tasked with the heavier lifting, while the smaller processors will handle everything else. What do you think of the inclusion of the new processor for OnePlus’s upcoming smartphone?