When OnePlus announced it was working with the supercar manufacturer McLaren to launch a special edition of a smartphone, what is probably the OnePlus 6T, the company didn’t dive into many details as to what to expect. But the promotional material for the future announcement, which takes place in early December, suggests that, like McLaren and its incredibly fast cars, the upcoming smartphone will have a primary focus on speed. That suggests that OnePlus will be sticking more than just 8GB of RAM into the upcoming device, if for no other reason than the fact the stock OnePlus 6T already features up to 8GB of RAM. So how much RAM might the McLaren special edition handset feature? How does 10GB sound? That’s the word on the street from MySmartPrice. Unfortunately there isn’t any word on how much the McLaren edition will cost, nor what else we might expect to see in the handset. McLaren does love its orange cars, so fingers crossed we get an orange smartphone. The 8GB OnePlus 6T can top out with 256GB of built-in storage, and that device retails for $700. It’s likely that the McLaren special edition model will cost some amount more than that, so if this special model sounds appealing to you, start counting the pennies now. Are you planning on picking up this McLaren OnePlus 6T, depending on the specs and price?