Earlier this month, OnePlus finally confirmed when we would be able to see the new OnePlus 6T in an official capacity, circling Tuesday, October 30 on the calendar. Turns out that was hopefully in pencil, because things have changed. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has now confirmed that the OnePlus 6T unveiling event will take place on Monday, October 29, and not Tuesday, October 30. The reason for the change? Apple. That other company has something to announce on Tuesday as well, and they are hosting their event in New York City, in Brooklyn to be exact, as well. OnePlus’s event is in New York as well, so apparently OnePlus didn’t want there to be too many conflicting issues. As a result, OnePlus has made the tough decision to change the date of its unveiling, speeding things up by a day. The OnePlus 6T unveiling is a ticketed event, which means if you want to go you need to buy a ticket. However, with the change in date that can potentially lead to some major issues with traveling plans for folks who have been planning to attend. As a result, OnePlus has confirmed it will be covering travel expenses for those who are still planning on attending but need to change their arrangements. And for the folks who just can’t make the new date, OnePlus will offer full refunds for their ticket. The new event takes place in the same space and at the same time (11:00 AM ET), so only the date has changed. Were you planning on attending the OnePlus 6T unveiling in New York?