The OnePlus One is a device that’s meant to bring premium specifications and build quality to the world, without attaching a premium price tag along with it. The question for many in that particular regard may be whether or not the One is easily repairable, if something disastrous were to happen to your shiny new gadget. Thankfully, the folks over at iFixIt have poked and prodded the handset in their efforts to tear it apart, to find out how easily it can be disassembled, and ultimately put back together. The One from newcomer OnePlus hasn’t seen the easiest of launches. Indeed, it’s just been reported that he handset will see yet another delay in Europe, suggested to last at least two weeks. For those future owners who are still waiting to get the One in their hands, perhaps seeing how well it can be torn down and put back together, as well as some of the finer details, will hold you over. Ultimately, iFixIt gave the OnePlus One a 5 out of 10 when it comes to repairability. That means it’s not the easiest device to get into, but it’s also not terribly difficult, either. The middling score comes from a few questionable decisions by OnePlus, one of which is centered around the battery. iFixIt found that the battery’s connector is shoved underneath a plastic panel, which probably wouldn’t be so bad if that particular panel wasn’t also screwed into place. So if something happens to your battery, you will indeed need to get some tools to replace it. There are certainly more elements to check out if you are planning on picking up a OnePlus One at some point in the future, and are worried about what it might take to repair it. Have you ever had to replace specific parts on a phone before, like the display, or have you always just replaced the phone entirely in a situation like that?