At an event in India, OnePlus announced the OnePlus TV. This is the first TV from the company and just like its smartphones, the company is hoping to change the premium TV market with it.

The OnePlus TV Q1 Pro features a 55-inch QLED panel with 4K resolution. It supports Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and there’s also a powerful Gamma Color Magic chipset to help with image processing and rendering. OnePlus has also not compromised with the speaker setup and equipped the TV with an 8-speaker 50W Dolby Atmos setup. This includes 4 full-range front-facing speakers, 2 tweets, and 2 rear subwoofers. The soundbar slides from the bottom of the TV and looks really cool.

The TV runs on Android TV, though OnePlus offers its own OxygenPlay launcher as well. It features both Google Assistant and Alexa integration. It also offers strong integration with OnePlus smartphones using the OnePlus Connect app to offer features like TypeSync, Quick App Switch, Smart Volume Control, Screenshots, and more. For now, OnePlus is only launching the OnePlus TV in India. Like the TV, the remote also features a simplistic design. It features a large D-pad along with a dedicated button to launch the Prime Video app and Google Assistant. Disappointingly, there’s no Netflix app on the TV yet, though OnePlus promises that it will release one later this year. One weird part about the remote is that the volume buttons are located on the right edge just like your traditional smartphone. Apart from the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro, OnePlus is also launching the cheaper OnePlus TV Q1 with a retail price of Rs. 69,900. It lacks the 8-speaker sliding soundbar and Dolby Atmos/Vision support.