Here’s a quick run through of all the devices we went hs-on with at IFA, including smartwatches, smartphones, tablets. ’ve also included some newly announced devices we missed at the beginning of the conference, so you don’t feel like you missed out on the event. I liked the SmartB Talk because it reminded me of a FitBit with a little more functionality, I could snap my fingers it would perform a function. The Smarttch 3, on the other h, was seriously underwhelming. Oh, they’re the first phones to work as a remote display for your 4 via the Remote ay feature. I am worried about one thing, however: the demo phone I tried out got really hot while it was playing music. It’s a phone covered in glass, so when it gets hot, it’s almost too uncomfortable to hold.  I also tested out the speakers on this particular device they sounded great, even in the loud convention hall. The Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact also comes with Intelligent Noise Reduction. I put on a pair of earbuds to try it out, while it didn’t have the same noise canceling effect as, say, a pair of Bose over-the-ear headphones, I could barely here the loud TV in the booth that was blaring above me. I also appreciate that Sony made its tablet with audio quality in mind, because watching Beverly Hills, 90210 on my second-gen Nexus 7 is an underwhelming experience. And like the Xperia Z3 phones, this tablet will also support 4 Remote ay. For starters, it’s much heavier, definitely not the kind of tablet you want if you aim to just watch TV shows around the house. It’s also really bulky, doesn’t strike me as something that would actually be comfortable lugging around in a bag. I could see this being a worthy buy for someone who camps often or works outdoors in a rough environment, but this is definitely a niche product for a narrow subset of tablet users.