Flagships, flagships everywhere

o will have the fanciest flagship phone? ll it be Samsung’s Galaxy S6? Both T-Mobile AT&T recently teased the S6 will be accompanied by a curved cousin. Or will it be the new thrice-iterated HTC One, which so many fan sites have ostensibly leaked on the Internet? Both phones will be top contenders for Android phone of the year. HTC’s One line already gets kudos for great industrial design, but now the ball is in Samsung’s court to improve the fit, finish, materials overall visual impression left by its flagship superphone. ’ll have the full hs-on to show you just how far both companies have pushed their design aesthetics. Elsewhere in phone l, will show off its new line of mid-range phones, including the Magna Spirit. The devices will feature 5-inch 4.7-inch 720p displays, respectively, both will come with slightly curved screens. They’re not expected to be as severely curved as the G Flex 2, which we recently reviewed, but the curve will likely give these mid-range devices a little flair. ’ll have a hs-on for you during the week. Don’t expect much from Sony—at least, don’t expect a new phone. The company seems to be undergoing an existential crisis with its mobile division, so we definitely won’t see a flagship device from Sony at Mobile rld Congress. As for the other players—like Huawei, catel, Asus, Acer, just to name a few—we’ll pay them a visit to see what’s new, if anything, even if their new releases won’t make it Stateside.

Tablets are important, too

Remember tablets? They haven’t received as much buzz this year as phones, but we expect to see a few crop up around the Catalonian show floor. It’s rumored that Blackphone will debut its super-secure tablet during a press event at the conference. There’s not much more information about it beyond that, but we can surmise it will be the companion device to the encrypted Blackphone smartphone that debuted at M last year. Sony may have no idea what it’s doing in the phone realm, but an accidental leak hints that it may still try its h at tablets. The company published a product shot of the Xperia Z4 Tablet in its Xperia unge app, then pulled it immediately thereafter. The screenshot here shows h 3, 2015 as the debut date.

More smartwatches than you know what to do with

You should expect smartwatches to be just as ubiquitous as the phones tablets announced at Mobile rld Congress.  already pulled the lid off on its tch Urbane, which is a seriously stylin’ smartwatch we can’t wait to try on. ’ll also see the tch Urbane E, which uses a 4G connection to make calls, send messages, even execute push-to-talk walkie-talkie functions. Other rumors point to HTC finally entering the wearables game, which is a long time coming, quite frankly: The company promised consumers a smartwatch last year, it has yet to deliver. Samsung may also launch another Tizen OS-based device alongside its already vast array of wearables, while foreign players like Huawei could introduce their own stalone wearable.

A big week ahead

know this is a lot to take in, but h 1 is going the mark the beginning of the new phone season, we can’t wait to show you what’s on the horizon. Be sure to follow us along at , And if you have a request for something you’d like us to try to check out, feel free to tweet at us!