Now if we talk about the movie then let me explain to you all that the film is known as The Rock x Siri: Dominate The Day and will premiere Monday morning on the tech giant Apple’s YouTube channel. It is a complete movie, and it will be available for free. The ad has been made public by The Rock himself on his Twitter account, where he has also shown the promotional poster. The tweet says: “Together with the tech giant Apple, we have made the greatest, funny, sexy and brilliant film ever made premieres TOMORROW.” In the promotional poster itself, you can see that it is a complete film (Full Movie), and it will be released on the YouTube channel of the tech giant Apple. From the image of the poster, you can guess an action movie and special effects. However, Little more is known about the film since the tech giant Apple itself has not yet published any information on its websites or social networks. We will be watching the opening of tomorrow. We do not know if what we will see will be a trailer or the complete film. We are living a weekend of film and television premieres, thanks to the Comic-Con 2017 convention, which is being held in San Diego (United States). If you have not seen them yet, do not miss these spectacular trailers. We begin with the epic promo of the new film of The Justice League. It seems that DC is finally in a position to face Marvel:-

We have also enjoyed the first and disturbing trailer for Westworld Season 2, the HBO series that aims to take over from Game of Thrones:- Do not miss the equally disturbing trailer for season 2 of Stranger Things, from Netflix. Which one do you prefer? So, what do you think about this new movie? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.