Great news! Many of those shiny new devices we saw at M are available now or coming very soon. That means it’s time to decide whether you should get a new phone. Or rather, whether you need a new phone or just want one. And whether it only makes sense to get a new phone when you desperately need one. Tough call, I know. So I’ve made a hy pros cons list to help you decide:

YES: You need a new case

Your current case is busted, so new phone or not, you’re going to need to upgrade. But why would you waste a br-new $40 case on an old phone? That’s just silly.

NO: Cases for new phones are expensive

Yeah, you’re going to be paying top-dollar for those Samsung Galaxy S7 cases. S6 cases, on the other h…in a couple of months, retailers will start hing ‘em out like cy.

YES: Your contract is up

Does it even make sense to keep a phone when your contract expires? I mean, you probably would have upgraded sooner, were it not for the contract.

NO: Carriers are now contract-free

Those sweet, sweet subsidized $200 phones are a thing of the past.

YES: Your screen is broken

y pay for repairs when you can just pay for a new phone?

NO: l phones have glass screens

Even if we ignore the fact that a screen repair is significantly less expensive than a br-new, unsubsidized phone, your new phone will also have a broken screen in 3…2…1…

YES: You’re running out of space

Samsung’s latest flagships are bringing back external storage (via micro SD cards), you desperately need an extra 200GB of storage space.

NO: You fill the space you have

You probably think you can’t possibly fill a 200GB microSD card with pictures, videos, unnecessary apps, but trust me, you will. And then you’ll be right back where you started.

YES: Virtual reality is the future!

You’re all about early-adoption immersive tech. This VR is so realistic, it’s almost like being outside! us, you look at your phone non-stop anyway, might as well strap it to your face already.

NO: The future is terrifying

Do you really want to contribute to making this a reality?!