The Arctis 9x gaming headset features a wireless design, allowing you to sit across the room from your Xbox console without having to worry about pesky wires. Underneath an exterior steel headband rests an elastic one, designed to give you maximum comfort while you’re spending hours in front of your TV screen. If you’re planning on spending hours gaming, it also comes equipped with a 20-hour battery life, so you can enjoy playing your favorite games without any unexpected low battery interruptions. It doesn’t even come with a dongle – you just need to connect it to your Xbox XS or Xbox One and you can begin gaming in minutes.  The microphone is a specialized ClearCast Noise-Cancelling Microphone that gives you a bidirectional using the same technology used by aircraft carrier deck crews, so your voice will come through crystal clear to your gaming team. An award-winning headset for its sound, it will provide an audio advantage while in-game. Also: The 5 best PC gaming headsets It’s also important to note that this isn’t just for Xbox gaming consoles – if you’re a PC gamer, you can also connect it via Bluetooth to the game, too.  At $40 off, this isn’t the best deal we’ve seen – we’ve seen it drop to as low as $99 in the past – but this is still a good deal because the $99 deal is rare. If you’re looking to add it to your cart, you should add it now since we don’t know when the sale will end. If you’re still not 100% sold on this particular model, check out our best picks for gaming headsets.