Mobvoi is known for its relatively inexpensive Wear OS running TichWatch, and today it is unveiling its most expensive smartwatch to date — TicWatch Pro. The highlight of the smartwatch, however, is not its price but its display. To solve the battery life woes that plague a smartwatch, the TicWatch Pro comes with two screens. The secondary screen sits on top of the primary OLED display and it is completely transparent in nature.

The circular OLED display is similar to the one you will find in any other Wear OS smartwatch launched previously. Over it, though, sits a transparent FSTN LCD display that barely sips power and looks similar to the traditional digital watches from the post. Whenever you turn the display of the TicWatch Pro off or are just wearing it on your wrist, the LCD display will be used to show the time, your heartbeat, and the steps you have taken. For anything else though, the primary OLED display will activate itself with Wear OS so that you can see your unread notifications, launch apps, and more. Mobvoi also takes advantage of the secondary LCD display to offer an Essential mode. In this mode, the Wear OS part of the smartwatch is completely switched off to save battery life. The watch only relies on the secondary LCD display to show the time and other basic information like the number of steps you have taken and your heart rate. Under this mode, the TicWatch Pro can last for up to 30 days. In regular use though, it offers two days of battery life at best. Other specs of the TicWatch Pro includes NFC with Google Pay support, heart-rate sensor, step tracking, and other usual features that you get in a Wear OS smartwatch nowadays. For now, Mobvoi plans on releasing the TicWatch Pro later this summer for under $300. It is also considering launching an LTE variant of the smartwatch in the United States.