Smartphone cameras are good enough today that they can replace point-and-shoot cameras for many people. Some are even sufficient for business and work purposes. Tap or click here to see how to turn your smartphone into a webcam. All of the top-tier smartphone brands come with great cameras, but which ones are the best of the best? This new ranking of the best-performing smartphone cameras can help you narrow down your choices.

Which smartphone cameras are the best?

Are you trying to decide on a new smartphone with a killer camera? Reviewers from “Consumer Reports” have put together a list of their favorite smartphones regarding camera quality and performance. These phones offer cameras on the front and back sides, and many include premium features like image stabilization, telephoto zoom and wide-angle lenses. Like the iPhone 12, some phones use multiple cameras at once to produce sharper images with blurred backgrounds that look like professional portraits. If you’re comfortable with the storage options these phones come with (as low as 64GB on the iPhone), a device from this list could be the perfect candidate to replace your digital camera. Otherwise, you may want to invest in cloud storage or memory cards. Tap or click here to see four simple steps to organize your photo collection.

The top 10 best smartphone cameras

“Consumer Reports” rated its 10 favorite phones based on performance, photo quality and video quality. You won’t go wrong by choosing any of these photo-friendly picks.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro: $999Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G: $1,299Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: $999Apple iPhone 11 Pro: $899Apple iPhone 12: $799Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G: $999Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: $1,399Samsung Galaxy S20+: $1,199Samsung Galaxy S20: $999Samsung Galaxy S10+: $849

Interestingly enough, both the iPhone SE and Google Pixel 4XL failed to make the cut. These phones are not bad choices, but their cameras failed to compete with the top 10 winners. “Consumer Reports” even says that the differences between this group’s cameras are small enough to be variables in the test phones. The iPhone 12 Pro remains the best choice in both still images and videos thanks to its unique multi-camera array. The previous year’s iPhone 11 models also beat most of the latest Samsung phones in video quality, but not photo quality. Which phones are best when it comes to camera performance? Every phone on the list received top marks during individual reviews, but we’d say the iPhone 12 Pro is your best bet if you want a truly future-proof smartphone camera. All you need to do is decide which iPhone 12 model is the best for your budget. Tap or click here to see the best 2020 iPhone choices for every budget.