And if you keep your eyes peeled, you can snag some awesome discounts on truly cool tech to save a bit of cash while still finding everyone cool gifts. To help you knock out your holiday shopping, we’ve gathered up the best tech and tech-inspired gifts you can get at Best Buy as well as a few great deals. Keep reading below to find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Must read:

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The best tech gift ideas from Best Buy

Below are 15 tech gift ideas I found for the holiday season this year at Best Buy. 

The best tech gift deals at Best Buy during the holidays

Below are seven tech gift deals I found happening right now.
And when you enable the Audience Mode, you can transmit raw footage to assistants and bystanders to show off your skills or to scout locations. And you don’t have to worry about your investment getting damaged in an accident with a one-touch emergency hover button as well as forward and downward obstacle detection. It allows you to quickly and easily avoid obstacles (and people) to prevent damage to the drone and injury to bystanders. The hinged dust cover is removable to make it easier to swap LPs when necessary. The turntable can play both 33 ½ and 45 RPM records, letting you swap between full albums and singles or EPs with the flip of a switch. It also has a fully automatic belt-driven design, which means that you don’t have to stand there and manually move the stylus arm to start listening to your favorite vintage and modern albums. The rechargeable battery gives you up to 8 hours of use on a full charge, so it’s great for parties and blasting your favorite house chore playlist. It’s even IPX7 rated for water resistance, so you can take it to the beach or poolside when summer rolls back around. The sapphire crystal glass watch face is ultra-durable and resistant to cracks, scratches, and chipping to prevent damage to the delicate components inside your smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch5 also has GPS built-in, so you can jog around town or hike new trails with confidence. And, of course, you can use it to access your phone’s voice assistant, check notifications, or send quick texts. It also allows you to send SOS calls via satellite when a cell network isn’t available – which is perfect for road trips or hikes where cell service is unreliable. It also has built in GPS for pinpoint locations and fitness and workout tracking to help you stay on top of your physical health. The Smart Clock can also act as a smart speaker, letting you connect to security cameras and video doorbells to quickly and safely check to see what’s making noise outside while you’re trying to sleep. You can also stream music, videos, and audiobooks through the Smart Clock to help keep you motivated to finally fold and put away that pile of laundry or help you relax before you drift off to sleep. The headset has built-in headphones to give you 3D spatial audio that perfectly matches VR graphics to make you really feel like you’re part of the action. And for about $400, the Meta Quest 2 is one of the most affordable VR headsets on the market. The integrated battery reaches a full charge in just 6 hours, which means that you can plug it in while in class or at work and have the bike ready to go when you leave in the evening. It’s also a single gear bike, so you don’t have to worry about switching gears to get the best speed – just keep your hand on the throttle and feet on the pedals to assist when needed. The 14.6-inch display uses a Super AMOLED panel for incredible detailing, contrast, and color volume while the front and rear cameras let you take photos and record video in 4K. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra also has the S-Pen stylus included so you can start sketching your art ideas or working in your favorite apps right out of the box. The detection coil is waterproof, letting you search around creek and river banks, near the ocean, or in marshy areas without ruining the entire unit. It also has a lightweight design, coming in at just over 2 pounds, making it easy for even small children to use. It’s packaged like a traditional model kit, so parents may need to help younger children cut pieces from the runners. The toy is also advertised as completely unplugged, which means kids don’t need a companion app – everything is done entirely on-toy to help reduce screen time and build fine motor and problem solving skills. If you want to buy a tech-centric gift, make sure it’s going to streamline something in the receiver’s life or integrate into and enhance their existing arsenal of devices and gadgets. A fitness band or smart watch not only lets you keep an eye on your overall health, but it’s also great for kids, older parents, and disabled folks to stay in touch without needing to be tethered to a phone all day. Whereas the smart olive pitter is probably going to end up in a thrift store shortly after the holidays.

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