Why switch from Verizon to Mint Mobile?

As easy as it would be to say “take a look at your last Verizon bill” and be done with this section, we actually have several reasons why switching from Verizon to Mint Mobile is a great idea. Once you truly compare Mint Mobile vs Big Wireless, we’re sure you’ll see who the clear winner is. New Customer Cost Mint Mobile’s plans start at just $15/month,* with our Unlimited plan costing just $30/month.** 5G Coverage Mint Mobile runs on the T-Mobile 5G Network, the nation’s largest 5G network.† Our coverage map shows over 95% of Americans are covered by T-Mobile’s 5G service, and over 99% of Americans are at least covered by T-Mobile’s 4G LTE. No Monthly Bills Say bye-bye to monthly bills. Mint Mobile offers service in bulk, meaning you purchase 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. Exceptional Customer Care You hope you won’t need customer service very often; but when you do, you want it to be great. Mint Mobile’s Care Team has an average hold time under 90 seconds. Yeah, that’s shorter than most commercial breaks. And over 95% of Mint subscribers who call our Care Team and respond to our post-call survey have given them a “Highly Satisfied” ranking.‡ Flexible Family Plan Options Our family plan allows you to manage 2 – 5 lines of service, each with their own data bucket, giving you the flexibility to only pay for the data you need.

How do I switch from Verizon to Mint Mobile?

Whether you’re wanting to make a clean break from Verizon (new phone, new number and maybe a new haircut to celebrate) or you want to keep your current phone and number (and maybe not risk messing with bangs just yet), switching to Mint Mobile is probably a lot easier than you think.

1.) Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) or get a new one

If you want to bring your own phone to Mint Mobile, you just gotta make sure it’s paid off, unlocked and compatible with our network. We’ve got a whole compatibility checker thingy that can helpIf you want to get a new phone, either because your current one isn’t compatible with our network or you’re just in the mood for an upgrade, we offer all the latest & greatest smartphones with great deals when you bundle them with a Mint Mobile phone plan

2.) Bring your phone number or get a new one

If you want to bring your phone number with you (to avoid having to send a “this is my new number” text to everyone in your contact list), you can easily transfer your current number to Mint Mobile from Verizon during activationMake sure your Verizon account is still active until the number transfers over to Mint. If you cancel your Verizon account early, you could lose the number foreverYou’ll need your Verizon billing address (with ZIP code), account number to transfer the number overYou’ll also need to request a Number Transfer Pin from Verizon. You can request the Number Transfer Pin online or by dialing #PORT from your smartphoneUsing the Number Transfer Pin and your Verizon account number, you can authorize Mint Mobile to transfer your phone number over during plan activation

If you want a new phone number (because it’s easier than replying STOP to that clothing brand that incessantly texts you (seriously, are they ever NOT having a sale?)), then all you need to do is provide us with your home ZIP code at activation so we can give you a proper local number

3.) Choose your plan

Browse our deals if you’re looking for a new phone and a phone plan, or just check out our new customer offer if you’re planning to bring your phone over from Verizon. It’s all done here on the website, because we’re able to help save you money by not having our own brick & mortar retail stores.

4.) Download the Mint Mobile app and activate your plan

We made it super easy to make the switch with the Mint Mobile app. Once you have your Mint Mobile SIM kit in hand, all you gotta do is download the app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions. With the app you can choose to bring your number over from Verizon or get a new one, create your Mint Mobile account and build your Mint Family if you’re bringing over multiple lines.Also, once you’ve officially joined the movemint, the app will allow you to monitor your data usage, make any plan changes, and help you earn Mint Credit by rescuing other friends from Verizon via our Refer a Friend program.We also offer Activation Support from our Mintech Advisors which includes full assistance activating your plan(s) and getting you transferred over from Verizon. We’ll even jump on the phone with you to call Verizon and let them know you’re canceling your service with them.

What if I’m still on a contract with Verizon?

If you’re still locked in a contract with Verizon, you may want to wait it out to avoid paying an early termination fee. We get it, we’re all about saving money too. But if the early termination fee is less than what you’ll end up paying overtime by sticking with Verizon, then maybe it’s time to cut and run now. This may also include paying off the balance on your phone so you can unlock it if you’re planning on bringing it to Mint Mobile. And if your contract is almost up, you should know our SIM cards have a 45-day shelf life, meaning you can purchase a Mint Mobile plan now and wait up to 45 days to activate it. Congratulations, you’ve now completed Switching from Verizon to Mint Mobile 101. There’s no final exam and we don’t have a certificate to give you or anything like that, but we do have savings. You’ve definitely earned those savings.