The makers of Finney, Sirin Labs claim that it is the only smartphone in the world that is entirely secured and is tailor-made for cryptographic coins. The device is up for sale starting this year and will come preloaded with Ethereum as the client status. Ethereum is in the number two position as far as crypto leaderboard is concerned. The integration is expected to facilitate a seamless transfer of Finney and Status tokens. The Finney will also come with the ability to access encrypted messages, fulfil smart contracts and offer better support for the cryptocurrency. Needless to say, it is pretty clear that the makers of Finney are looking out to create a completely decentralised solution with the Status and the Crypto integration. Status is a decentralized ecosystem to browse, chat and store Ethereum coins in the wallet. It is available across both Android and iOS. Status has recently raised funds in excess of $100 million with its token sale and is developing an open source messaging platform which will allow users to interact with the decentralised application. This is somewhat similar to how one can send money to friends via Facebook Messenger or other messaging tools. In the meanwhile, the Finney smartphone with Status preloaded will be available starting next year.