If $ 13,000 is not much in your eyes, at most, be regarded as extra money, spending money, so now you can consider buying the world’s first 13 TB of SSD. Recently, a company headquartered in Japan called as Fixstars formally released a large capacity SSD products SSD-13000M, the biggest bright spot is that the storage capacity up to 13TB, as a comparison, Today, many solid state drives including mechanical hard disk are within the capacity of 6TB, the equivalent of doubling the capacity. Also Read: How To Repair Corrupted Memory Card/USB Hard Drive SSD-13000M shape similar to a conventional 2.5-inch notebook hard point can be inserted into our common desktop hard drives SATA 6 jack, but not stuffed laptops, since it reached a thickness of 15mm. Performance, SSD-13000M sequential read speeds of up to 580MBps, write speeds have 520MBps, the official did not provide random read and write speeds of data.

The World’s First large-capacity 13TB SSD-13000M

In the 13TB SSD internal flash memory particles are used in TOSHIBA 15nm MLC, after all, a minority shareholding company Fixstars NAND flash memory. However, the main controller on the hard disk is produced by the Fixstars independent company, focused on faster sustained read and write speeds, hard drive activity power up to 6.5W. Also Read: How To Access Computer Hard Drive From Android Generally, consumers can buy, but mainly for business. The SSD-13000M listing will ship by the end of February this year, but has yet to receive a final confirmation Fixstars official suggested retail price. Its spokesman said that if a rough estimate in US dollars to 1 1GB, then retail prices could end at the around US $ 13,000. Of course, there will be relatively large price fluctuations, in particular, to be announced. Also Read: How To Protect External Hard Disk Drives With Password Fixstars spokesman also said that this 13 TB is too hard will Fixstars company in direct sales, will not be provided to any online retailer or a general shop because the main target group of product sales for the business user. Of course, any ordinary consumer need, you can also contact with Fixstars and spend money to buy directly. In addition, Fixstars also released a model for the SSD-10000M SSD storage capacity less than the SSD-13000M, but also reached 10TB. It is a data transmission to meet the needs of enterprise customers a company Fixstars essence, so only the SSDs and autonomous controller business. Thus, it is clear that the estimated capacity so Tai too hard will not widely available service in the consumer area, more is required for video streaming, 4K/8K video processing, CG/VFX collection and other business enterprises, these enterprises pursue large data continues to be written to or read speed, they can also be applied to the field of computing science.