ZTE made news back in January when it revealed a few specifications of its upcoming project CSX smartphone, codenamed Hawkeye. At the time, ZTE was aiming to get funding for the project through Kickstarter, where it aimed to raise $50,000 or more towards the upcoming device. Unfortunately at the time, while ZTE was quick to point out a few specs, many backers thought the handset was too mid-range. As a result of that, and perhaps the company not earning quite as much as they thought they would, ZTE has effectively canceled the Kickstarter crowd-funding round. In total, the project earned $36,245 of the total $50,000 goal, thanks to 190 backers. ZTE confirmed in the cancellation of the project that those who pledged money towards the phone would get refunded. In addition, ZTE will still be building the device, and focusing on making it better: So while ZTE is slowing things down a bit, it doesn’t look like the Hawkeye is completely dead just yet.