The company’s first smartwatch, Axon tch, launched back in 2015 but only in Chinese markets.  Quartz has a 1.4 inch AMOD Gorilla Glass display a built-in speaker microphone. The watch also comes with Fi 3G, which, along with the mic speakers, allow for users to answer make calls without needing their phone. Two features that are missing: a heart rate sensor Android y, so you’d better take your wallet with you. As for the aesthetics, at 0.57in thick, the Quartz is big bulky. It comes with 22mm-thick interchangeable bs three watch faces, though you can download more from the ay store. Quartz is also compatible with iOS devices, though some features, such as answering notifications directly from the watch, are not available.  Quartz will be available in the U.S. online through T-Mobile starting Friday will cost $192. The watch will be available in select U.S. T-Mobile stores beginning April 21. The company has not said if Quartz will be released in other markets.