Apple revealed its Q1 2016 earnings on Tuesday and its slowest growth sales ever. According to Apple, it sold nearly 74.8 Million iPhones year over year. The Company further said that about 1 Billion Apple devices are active in the market.

There Are About 1 Billion Active Apple Devices

Apple’s active devices have been connected to AppStore or iCloud for the last three months. Apple Devices constitute more than a seventh of the world’s population now. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, said, “Our Team fulfilled Apple’s biggest quarter ever”, appreciating the most advanced devices and the record sales of the iPhone, Apple Tv, and Apple Watch. Our services increased during the quarter to fabricate the required record results, and now Apple Devices base crossed 1 Billion in the market. Apple’s leading gadgets like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac, including Apple  TV and Apple, watch, led Apple to achieve this milestone. However, Apple is still celebrating this milestone; its quarterly earnings report also shows iPhone sales are slowing year on year, which might cause distress to the company as iPhone is primary among its revenue group. About 1 Billion Apple Devices are active in the market, but worrying iPhone sales might cause trouble for the company. Apple might be eyeing to continue to grow with the launch of the iPhone 7 in September this year. World Bank in 2013 said, “There are about 7 Billion people in the world”. So, we can state that nearly 1 Billion of the total population own at least 1 Apple Gadget. So this was all about Apple’s 1 Billion Active devices in the market. However, iPhone sales slowed this year, which may cause trouble for the company. Apple might eye to increase its sales with the release of a brand new iPhone 7 later this year. We hope you liked this article; please feel free to share this with your friends.