Many social media platforms are aimed at specific demographics. On most occasions, it’s teenagers. So, where do you turn to if you want the social media experience but don’t quite fit into the teen category? Good news. The AARP is backing a platform created with seniors in mind. Keep reading to find out how to join and why you’ll want to.

Here’s the backstory

With a tagline of “Make friends. Talk openly. Age with attitude,” the new social media platform for seniors left private testing and opened to the public last week. Backed by AARP, Senior Planet Community is the creation of Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) that features no advertising or fees. According to Axios, it is a bit of a throwback to the earlier days of online services. Senior Planet Community aims to provide a space where people 60-years and older can join interest groups and meet other like-minded people. The social media network is a spin-off from AARP-backed Senior Planet, which started offering various online tech classes during the pandemic. According to AARP, Senior Planet’s purpose is to “help seniors learn new skills, save money, exercise, and make new friends.”

Why join Senior Planet Community?

By signing up to Senior Planet Community, you can join groups like Fitness Enthusiasts, Space for Creatives or Gardening Club. There are even clubs for animal lovers, book readers and photographers. It looks similar to other social media platforms but with less clutter. For example, you’ll find My Community (the main dashboard where feeds appear), Groups, Messages, and Notifications on the main page. The focal point of the network is the Groups, which anybody on the platform can join. It serves as a central hub for you to share ideas, ask questions, get updates or share photos. You will also see the feed displayed on the main dashboard by joining a group. There are currently 27 different groups, with the most popular being Everything Tech, with 337 members. There is also Book Lovers Club with 236 members and Fitness Enthusiasts with 222 members. If technology is your thing, why not sign up for the Komando Community? It is a safe digital-lifestyle community where you can make friends, stay informed and get exclusive access to “The Kim Komando Show.” Tap or click here for more details.

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