Verizon Wireless, America’s largest operator in terms of customers, is going to hold an event on July 23rd. That’s next Tuesday. According to The Verge, the invite they received says Verizon will be “[unveiling] the next generation of one of [its] most popular family of devices.” In other words, Android phones.

Now why am I writing about this considering we have such an international audience? Because these Motorola phones will eventually come to the rest of the world. The RAZR M, for example, came to Europe and Asia as the RAZR i (Intel chip) and it was a well loved product, though sales didn’t exactly reflect that. But anyway, the main reason I’m writing about this event is to warn you that you shouldn’t be looking forward to a Motorola X announcement. Yes, Motorola has been responsible for many of Verizon’s Android phones, and the phones we’ll see next week will likely be made by Motorola, but the Moto X will not shown on stage. When will the Moto X be revealed? Your guess is as good as mine. Several leaks say it’ll be out in August. The official word, however, is that the phone will be on sale in October.