Being a computer programmer or coder, you will sometimes feel alone, and with regular work with your computer, you will be preoccupied with it. However, what happens when you meet a girl with the same passion? The situation will be more complicated for you and vice versa for her. Also, you will find reality after the hooked up with her and having a date with her, you will realize how conformable you are in the field of programming at every state of coding, finding out in debugger code adjustment and some stuff only related to your programming.

10 Reasons Why It is Cool To Date A Girl Who Codes

You will find out that after you get involved with your mate, you will realize that her every Facebook post is AWESOME, but other girls who published the same position will say that “STUPID” Oh yes, that’s the truth. Your hand assistance coder will help you, not the other girls on Facebook.

1. She Usually Understands What Comes between C and D lol, its C++

Every Coder Becomes a perfect partner with the same consent of mind!!

2. Programmers Joking material is also some entertainment.

She will also make the same jokes, repeatedly, relating the program, and, later on, solve the same.

3. Remember, she will never ask you dumb questions like, “How can I find the computer’s IP address?”

NEVER! If she asks also, Then She applies Number 2. By the way, she uses python to tweet whether her plant needs watering or not; she is more intelligent than we thought. When will your garden require water having a sensor to your garden?

4. She makes a living coding “if-else” decisions.

So it makes your life very simple. If you do this, I’m happy; else, I get lost. Sweet. I understand that.

5. You can go to a Hackathon Event with her.

Maybe compete too. I am perhaps a best friend more than a Girlfriend, sharing Ideas and thoughts.

6. Both are developers developing Products for their businesses.

Developing a Product on your own, having four hands will be more helpful than having two hands; your application and your Product will mark your startup for your company or an entrepreneur. The best business partner you can get.

7. Darn sure she knows the value of; are you kiddi? It’s she will be understood by her code part Semicolon.

She is a coder. She never concentrated on semicolons that the fact. That means she gives attention to details. You never [email protected]#k up the semicolon.

8. Talking about the missing semicolon? she can debug your entire lifeline; this too. This means she’s a problem solver for your life; grab her.

That means she has fixed all the bugs in your life, whether related to the computer or your physical life.

9. You can discuss things like Musk, Gates, Jobs & Marks.

The leaders discuss the matter and the further progress related to the company; Still, here it is about the case of a couple who outsource to manage the work easier and make huge money.

10. If you’re in for the long shot, your kids would probably start making mobile apps when other kids are wetting their beds.

That’s right. Hey girl, throw me an exception…I’ll be there to catch it.