Date night is supposed to be a stress-free time for you to unwind and take a break from your hectic week. Fortunately with these free apps, date night is made easier!

Find a great spot for a date night

Apps like Nightlife and Skorch are great tools for you to find the perfect place to spend your night out. Both are free and show the hottest places to be with rating from other people who have experienced the top venues around. Nightlife is an excellent app especially if you are looking for the best happy hour deals in your area.

Skorch is an interactive heat map that shows you the hottest restaurants, bars coffee houses and more. You can view other peoples ‘hot lists’ and create your own so other can view what you think the hottest places are.

Nightlife for Apple and Android Skorch for Apple

Read the reviews for the best places

After picking out your ideal date night location, use Yelp to learn more about the location and look at pictures that were taken by other consumers.

Yelp is another free app that is made from compiled reviews and images of other people and restaurant aficionados. The app has different tabs with categories for you to browse through, making it easy to separate different types of restaurants and narrow down your search. Yelp provides restaurant menus, addresses, phone numbers and more. Resy is another great website for restaurant goers.

Before booking your reservation on Resy, you can take a few minutes to read through the reviews and blogs written by website staff to figure out the best fit for you and your date. Yelp for Apple and Android Resy for Apple and Android

Make your reservation with this app

OpenTable is the new, modern way of reserving your table at the hot new restaurant you want to go to.

It’s as easy as picking your day, time and restaurant then seeing what times they have available. In addition to its simplicity, OpenTable shows how many reservation have been booked for the current day and comments left by restaurant goers. OpenTable for Apple and Android

Take in a movie on your date night

Maybe dinner isn’t enough for a fun date night. Toss a movie into the mix and you have a classic night out with that someone special. Fandango is the top movie review and ticket purchasing website for finding the years top flicks.

The website is great for for learning about what movies you may want to see and where they are playing. You can even purchase your tickets from inside the site. Fandango for Apple and Android

Get a sitter to watch the kids

Don’t worry about the kids when your enjoying your night out. Sittr has you covered with your pick of the top babysitters around.

Sittr gives you updated background checks and certificates of first aid training to assure your children’s safety while you’re gone. Prices may vary with depending out which sitter you decide to go with. Sittr for Apple and Android

Have a blast and get home safely!

Now that you have the perfect date night plans, the last thing you need to do is call your Lyft or Uber and have a great time!

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