The tech giant Google has announced their choice for the best app within the 12 defined categories. Some of the apps have already been reviewed and rated well, as in the case with IFTTT, but there are others that stand out. Let’s get to the winning apps.

Best App

Memrise (free) Memrise Language Spymaster helps you train your language learning skills and sends you undercover as a spy to a distant Universe. As a spy for a language, the user will become a hero of an epic adventure and learn a language while playing!

Best App for Kids

Animal Jam – Play Wild! (free) Unleash your wild side and get into the skin of your favorite animal in Animal Jam – Play Wild! Explore the exotic world of Jamaa and learn its mysteries and secrets. Make new friends by meeting players from all over the world. Have fun in animal games and enter challenging treasure hunts. Build and decorate your own lair, then fill it with amazing items and fun prizes. In Animal Jam – Play Wild !, the only limit is your imagination!

Best Game

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight (free) Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Waspinator, Rhinox, Grimlock, Soundwave and several other favorite bots in a battle for supremacy in which the Transformers universes collide. This exciting RPG of action and battle brings the heroic history and spectacular action of more than 30 years of Transformers history.

Best Multiplayer Game

Hearthstone (free) Hearthstone is a fantastic strategy game with the advantage of being Multiplayer. It is an extremely simple and fun game.

Best Accessibility Experience

IFTTT (free) The IFTTT service allows, in good accuracy, to automate the web. Using the APIs of various differentiated services and available to act on the Internet, IFTTT allows users to create “recipes” or containers that define what an action or event in one service will do in another service.

Best Android Wear Experience

Runtastic – Running and Walking (free) Runtastic is an application to record the data of its sports practices. By clicking the “Start” button, this application starts measuring the duration, distance traveled, speed, pace, highest and lowest altitude of the course and even the calories burned. GPS marks your routes on the map. In addition, this app lets you save your training data in your profile on the Runtastic page and share it with your friends via Twitter or Facebook. In addition to the apps already presented, it was also chosen the one that guarantees the best experience in terms of TV, virtual reality, augmented reality and other categories. Here’s the list:- Best Social Impact: ShareTheMeal (free) Indie Featured: Mushroom 11 (Paid) Startup Featured: Hooked (free) Best TV Experience: Red Bull TV (free) Best VR Experience: Virtual Virtual Reality (Paid) Best AR Experience (augmented reality): Woorld (free) Do you use any of these apps? Are you going to try some? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.