It is not yet known when it will be the premiere of the first series produced by the social network giant Facebook, although the name of the same is known. From the first and second, two shows that will be broadcast through this social network for all its users. It remains to be seen whether they will leave the United States and, if so, when. More than the paid video platform model in streaming, the intention is to copy to YouTube. It is today one of the services with more audience of the world, an advertising cake that the social network giant Facebook does not want to let escape. The highly demanded monetization of the social network giant Facebook videos will arrive when the new format is released. The company will make available to the creators of content – some of them at least – a tool to sell space in their videos to advertisers in exchange for money, all with the social network giant Facebook Inc. as an intermediary. Returning the Favor and Strangers are the two series that the social network giant Facebook has chosen to release. There are few data on Zuckerberg’s plans in the sector, although it seems that it will follow a rather different model from the companies that already compete in it. The intention is to broadcast these series for free, unlike Prime Video, HBO, and Netflix. The first of these shows is starring Mike Rowe and is about a motorist who resorts to the United States helping other people. For its part Strangers is an independent series that triumphed in the past Sundance festival, an important endorsement for its future release, whenever it occurs. So, what do you think about this two series? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.