However, if you are in Ethiopia, then you can easily dodge the troublesome task to search, download and wait because Ethiopia has some ATM type machines that spit out latest movies straight to your USB Stick. Torrent Freak reported a few kiosks have started popping up across a mall chain in Addis Ababa which is the capital of Ethiopia, these kiosks let anyone download their desired movie straight to their USB drive. These kiosks look like bright yellow ATMs which is located at various branches of the ALL Mart chain. The machines are maintained by a company named Escape Computing. “Basically you go to this very big store and you approach the machine and you plug in a USB drive. The screen will turn on and it will let you browse through a massive archive of movies” a source told TorrenFreak. Well, the service offers several packages from $1, $2, and $4. What’s more shocking is that the sources say that not only old movies are available, some of the movies are available the day it had been released. The source said Torrent Freak “Apparently the maintenance guy torrents all day and stores the data on his drive, the drive shown by the SwiftMedia monitor. This would not have been a big deal as this is Ethiopia and the allegedly democratic government has bigger issues” So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.