As summer rolls-in and there is more ‘Me’ time, the demand for apps — especially games, increases. For those of you who like bumming about, the Play Store has great discounts available for a whole bunch of games as well as apps, so check it out before summer is over and monotony of life comes beckoning.

Fenix for Twitter. We’ve raved about this app before and we still say it is one of the best Twitter clients available for Android. A definite must-have for summer. Get: Fenix for Twitter for $2.99 (Pre-sale price $5.49) Nova Launcher Prime. One of the best available Android launchers on the Play Store at this moment. The launcher gives added utility and customisations tot he stock Android user interface. Not only does it help increase productivity, it also improves performance of the device. Get: Nova Launcher Prime for $0.99 (Pre-sale price $4.99) Poweramp Full Version. The most purchased music player on Google Play Store with great sound output and playlist option is now available for a steal. Get: Poweramp Full Version for $1.99 (Pre-sale price $3.99) Twilight Pro Unlock. This app is designed to reduce the blue light spectrum that is emitted from your device’s screen. In theory, this should help reduce eye strain and make falling asleep at night much easier. Get: Twilight Pro Unlock for $0.99 (Pre-sale price $2.99) Sleep as Android Unlock.  The app for all the lazy bums who wish to improve their sleep cycle, not just by tracking it, but also with soft sounds that improve sleep and alarms that make you do math to ensure you’re awake. Get: Sleep as Android Unlock for $0.99 (Pre-sale price $2.99) GTA series. Anyone who knows anything about gaming, knows that GTA is the culmination of human endeavour in that pursuit. The game allows one to vent their frustration and mindless rage by channelling that energy towards just messing about in a large interactive world. Get: GTA series from $3.99-5.49 (40-43% discount on pre-sale price) Max Payne. Another brilliant offering from Rockstar Games, the same guys who brought you GTA. With a simple story to follow the main character, Max Payne, he does exactly what his name suggests — delivering maximum pain to his enemies. Get: Max Payne for $2.69 (Pre-sale price $3.99)

Let us know if there are any other apps going at a great price this summer.