One of the diseases that most attacks humanity is cancer and the efforts by scientists and doctors seem to be getting closer and closer to finding its total eradication. Now, through the development of nanomachines, a new era opens in the treatment of this disease. Surprisingly, these nanomachines can puncture cancer cells and kill them in just sixty seconds. The tiny molecules are light-driven and spin so fast that they can traverse the cell coatings when they are activated. A study by the University of Durham in the UK found that nanomachines took between one and three minutes to break the outer membrane of the prostate cancer cell, and then killing it instantly. The activation, achieved through light, is one of the greatest advances of science regarding this disease and its treatment. “We are moving forward in pursuit of our goal. We want to use light-activated nanomachines to target cancer cells,” said Dr. Robert Pal, a Durham researcher. “Those of breast tumors and cutaneous melanomas added to those that are resistant to chemotherapies, are our goal.” The research, published in the journal Nature, emphasized that scientists relied on the creation of light activated motor molecules which were basically designed to be housed in specific cells. Moreover, the molecules could be used as a tunnel in cells that carry therapeutic agents or act as killer weapons that explode the membranes of tumors. However, currently, the researchers are experimenting on microorganisms and small fish and hope to do so soon in rodents. So, what do you think about this break through? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.