As reported by the American specialist TechCrunch, the APK (Android Application Packages) of Instagram reveal certain files and icons that respond to features not yet released, although it is expected that they will be available soon.

As you can see, these icons would respond to the functions of voice calls and video calls within the application, specifically, within the section of direct messages. At the moment the company, which cannot deny this information since it is a verifiable fact, remains completely silent, so it is impossible to know the release date of this function. The start app of the social network giant Facebook would include a feature that its “sister” applications already have, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, also owned by Facebook. Apps from the competition like Telegram also already have support for calls and video calls. The arrival of video calls and voice calls to Instagram would confirm Facebook’s bet to compete against Snapchat, its direct rival among the young audience. Similarly, this manoeuvre also shows the confusing course that Mark Zuckerberg’s company is taking with the management of his previous success triumvirate: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Will they merge? Will any of them disappear? Can the three applications coexist being so similar? So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.