Thieve does so with the help of a team of creatives who skim through all the clutter and curate the products worth checking out. The website also labels these finds into various categories like music, electronics, sports, so that you can browse specifically the kind of product list you’re interested in. That’s not all, there’s also a handy drop-down on the top for changing the currency. You also, of course, search for something and get the best deals based on the query. Once you’ve found the product of your dreams, Thieve redirects you to the parent AliExpress listing. However, more importantly, the reason why you would want to bookmark Thieve is that it features a nifty switch for trawling the best of AliExpress’ upcoming 11.11 sale which is just hours away now. If you’re unaware of this, AliExpress 11.11 is essentially the Chinese Black Friday, a period during which millions of products are discounted for a day. To understand the prominence of this occasion here’s a neat statistic — Last year, AliExpress sold products worth over a billion dollars in merely five minutes on this day.

In addition to that, Thieve also has a Chrome extension if you want to browse the main AliExpress catalog and still take advantage of its supplementary utilities such as professional ratings, endless scroll and more. There’s also a Tinder-esque web application that lets you browse the website by swiping left or right on products. Thieve is entirely free of cost and doesn’t even require a login.