The wearables sport an old-fashioned analog watch, but they have the same kind of tracking capabilities as devices from the wbone or Fitbit line. things announced at Mobile rld Congress the watches can connect to the company’s Health Mate app for checking out your data exporting it to Fit. Unlike your stard Android ar device that only gets around a day or so of battery life, the things wearables can last about eight months since they don’t have any kind of digital display. They will, however, automatically update the current time to match when you switch time zones. The Activité is the higher-end device of the two, priced at around $390. The p model is more budget-focused, priced at $150 exclusively at Best Buy. y this matters: It’s a nice win for Android to get these devices to join the Fit ecosystem. has been trying to lure more developers to support its fitness platform, even throwing a contest to spark interest. expect to see a ton of wearables this year, so we’ll see how these two fare against burgeoning competition.