This $12 App Tells You If Your Boyfriend is Swiping Behind Your Back

A new Tinder hack named XNSPY now let suspicious spouses tap into their partners’ cell phones and see when they last swiped. One can also tell cheating partners if they didn’t just delete the Tinder app, the hacking tool can take care of that too. Here is what you can do with this app to spy on Android phones:

Look through Tinder chat logs. Read chat content. View target’s dating preferences. See if the monitored individual is a paid member. Check out the names of the contacts. Get details like time and date stamps.

Can You Access Tinder Messages That are Available on the Monitored Device Prior Installing XNSPY? XNSPY is the only Tinder tracking software that allows users to access those messages on the popular dating app that exist on the device of interest prior to its installation. What Are the Basic Requirements of Using XNSPY to Track Tinder Activity?  To monitor Tinder activity, the target Android device should be rooted. Other pre-requisites of tracking Tinder activities include a working internet connection on the target device for the mobile spying app to upload data to your personal web account. Which Android Devices Work with XNSPY? XNSPY is compatible with all Android devices running OS versions 4.0 or above. What Else Can XNSPY Do? XNSPY is designed to meet the needs of demanding users. It offers two packages for different needs and budgets. The Basic plan provides all the rudimentary features that are crucial for remote monitoring. You can use it to look through SMSs, photos shared through instant messaging apps, and contact details along with other valuable traits that are at hand when you opt for the Basic subscription. The Premium plan empowers users with additional spying elements you won’t find in the Basic plan. This suite is quite popular with users trying to keep tabs on their workforce or stay abreast with their loved ones’ routine. The list of unique features includes taking live screenshots, cracking sign-in details entered via target cell phone or tablet. Here is exactly what you can do with the Premium subscription plan:

Track IM Chats and Social Platforms 

These days every other spy app assert that they monitor instant messaging chats, but XNSPY is actually proving that by doing it. The app to spy on an Android phone can track an array of platforms without showing any signs of its presence. The list of platforms includes popular programs like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype, Instagram, Tinder, and Kik.

Advanced Tracking

Overhear phone calls or record them with an advanced feature developed by XNSPY stealth spy app for android. It means you can:

Eavesdrop on all outgoing and incoming calls in real time. Listen to the surroundings of the monitored cell phone. Record all phone calls to use them as a proof. Track VOIP call details.

These features can be used in various situations. For instance, you can listen to your staff members’ phone calls to find out if they are engaged in any secret deal with your competitors and use the recordings to confront them. Or if you suspect your partner is having an extramarital affair and you need a solid evidence to throw him or her out of your life.

Geofencing and GPS Location Tracking 

The advance sleuthing also includes features like GPS location tracking and geo-fencing. While GPS locator allows users to track a target’s current location and history, the geofencing enables them to set virtual boundaries around the place of interest. Whenever the target enters or leaves the place the user will receive a quick alert which will allow him or her to take an instant action.

Conventional Monitoring Features

  Besides exclusive spying features, you will also find conventional monitoring features in this stealth spy app for android. XNSPY has several convenient features that proved useful for people from different walks of life. It incorporates elements that aid you to track your employees, kids and loved ones’ behavior as well as activities.

Watchlist Alerts: If you like to know when a particular contact gets in touch with the monitored individual use XNSPY’s watch list alerts to receive swift notification on activities that concern you more. All you need to do is enter the name of the contact (if saved on the device), number, location, email address or a specific word/phrase in your dashboard and Voila! You will get a notification every time a defined keyword is used on the red marked device. Remote Lock: Sail through the list of installed apps on the red marked device to detect perilous programs, so you can restrict the target from accessing them by locking or deleting them remotely.

Get Any Real Results?

  After going through countless customer reviews and thoroughly testing XNSPY’s features, we found this $12.49 app pretty useful and a good value for money. Especially, considering that it works flawlessly once you set it up on an Android device. However, keep in view the program can record phone surroundings for 30 minutes only after which you have to send another remote command from your dashboard to continue the recording. Also, it doesn’t work with BlackBerry and Windows devices. This means you will only be able to monitor Android and Apple devices with this program. But, these limitations doesn’t seem to be taking a toll on the software. In fact, a high percentage of the users doting the app for its affordability and huge cache of features. More importantly, they are praising XNSPY for its ease of use.