We could all use a little more leg room on those long, tedious flights. Your seat may be compact, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get a little more comfortable and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed instead of frustrated. Keep reading for a handy travel companion that will make your flights oh so comfortable.

Here’s the backstory

Andyer created this fantastic little accommodation to make every future flight more comfortable and bearable. It’s called the portable travel footrest and the best way to invest in your next flight.

It’s a low-profile carry-on item

It wouldn’t work well if you couldn’t include it in your carry-on bag, could it? It’s a lightweight harness system that folds up small, so you can bring it with you every time you fly. This connects right underneath your tray table, so you won’t have to bother the person in front of you while setting it up. They won’t even know you’re using it.

Comfortable and durable cotton construction

Everything is made of durable cotton and stuffed with a bit of foam for padding. If you look closely, small pore-like holes along the footrest help aerate the fabric and keep you from sweating. Each strap is double-reinforced with locks and bolts to keep the straps attached to the cushion. Andyer recently added a longer cord to assist passengers with longer legs who don’t want their feet to be elevated that much.

But is it worth it?

It’s compact, inexpensive and makes you less fidgety on flights. There’s something unnatural about falling asleep sitting in a chair with your feet touching the floor. This helps to correct that. This isn’t exclusive to flights. You can use this on long train rides, hang it over the back of a vacant seat on the bus and include it in your car for passengers in the back seat.

Does a footrest help you sleep better on a flight?

Using a footrest during a flight helps mimic normal sleeping conditions. You typically don’t get sleepy just from sitting down, so why would you expect to get quality rest while sitting up during a flight? It’s not a magic bullet, but it’s helpful, especially if you’re restless. Combine this footrest with an eye mask to get to sleep faster.

How high should your foot rest be?

Any time you use a footrest, it’s most effective when your feet are raised by at least 10% of your total height. If you’re 70 inches tall, you want your footrest to be at least seven inches tall. Elevating your legs changes your blood pressure. Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pull blood back up from your legs, so your BPM lowers like when you’re drifting off to sleep in a bed.

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