That is why creating a form or mechanism of production of this type of energy and that may be available to anyone is not entirely simple, but a recent competition for young talent in the United States has managed to find the key piece. American Maanasa Mendu, a 13-year old girl from Ohio, has won the competition for young scientists from the US to create a solar energy to generate clean sheets. The good thing about her invention is that her invention only cost $5 to produce clean energy, even that also with a rudimentary installation. 13-year old girl from Ohio, Maanasa Mendu also won the reward of $25,000 for her achievement along with the winner title of “America’s Top Young Scientist”. Mendu said that she was inspired by a trip to India, she saw many families had no access to light and water, and began to think of about some invention. From there, she would have got the idea to make clean energy at an affordable way for everyone. The mechanism that inspired her device are the plants, which is structured in a series of “leaves” that are able to capture the energy from precipitation, the wind, and light using solar panels and a piezoelectric material. After the first version of her invention, her mentor Margauz Mitera helped her to perfect it, focusing on the creation of solar leaves to take advantage of the vibrational energy. The device, for now, is only an idea, however, Mendu designed and built with what she had available. The dream of the young now is to build the prototype, conduct further tests and to ensure that, one day, that mechanism is reproduced on a large scale and it really makes a difference. An ambitious desire for a 13-year-old girl, but that is not so far from reality.