The iPhone was blocked by a child. And according to his mother’s account, everything happened after he tried to enter the PIN code to unlock the terminal repeatedly and, obviously, in the wrong way. It is a consequence, those 47 years of waiting, of the security system that implements the tech giant Apple on their smartphones to avoid ‘brute force’ attacks. Which, by the way, consist of introducing combinations of numbers continuously with the intention of finding the correct one and, evidently, accessing the device in an unauthorized way. The funny thing is that it was tried so many times that it has been blocked for the next 47 years. It is not something so serious, and there have been worse cases with iPhone blocked for up to 80 years. The solution to the problem is as simple as restoring the device completely, or wait for those 47 years and enter the correct PIN code. The second solution is not valid, for obvious reasons. The mother herself, in this particular case, states that ‘she cannot wait 47 years and tell her son that it was her father’s fault’, however, getting the iPhone locked out for 48 years isn’t the end of the world. So the solution in her case is to restore the device. And a new problem arises, and that is that all the information that had stored in the device must be deleted in the procedure. But the case of this iPhone is not the most serious, nor much less. Those who attended the woman in the Apple Store comment that this is not the first time they have encountered such a case, and that they have already seen other devices blocked for 80 years. Simply, to avoid this, we must be careful when entering the PIN code, and even more so when it has already been entered badly several times. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.