Samy Kamkar is a security expert who is always trying to create new ways to bypass the security measures of all kinds of computer and device “to force them to improve.” His latest invention is called “PoisonTap” and is based on a device known as Raspberry Pi Zero (which costs $5) which can infiltrate and plant a backdoor on a computer, even if it is locked by password. Just simply install malicious software on a memory card and connect it to Pi Zero, then to create backdoors on any victim computer simply you have to connect to a USB port for at least one minute. At that time PoisonTap will deceive the computer into thinking that it is a USB device and then it will prioritize its network connection to PoisonTap over the victim’s WiFi network. Like this anyone can gain access to the system.

The most interesting of its creation is that instead of installing the backdoor on the computer as such, PoisonTap intercepts all unencrypted Web traffic and steals any HTTP authentication cookies used to log into private accounts as well as sessions for the Alexa top 1 Million sites from the victim’s browser. Thus it simply allowing you to bypass most security measures of different operating systems and browsers. PoisonTap the source code is available on the website of Kamkar. As a security measure to this kind of malicious tools hacker always recommended to leave the computer in Standby mode when we turn away from them, or just destroy all your USB ports, at least until the various antivirus and protection methods take into account this kind of tools.