At the age of 81, Masako Wakamiya created an app that shows people the correct way to place traditional doll displays. 81-year old Japanese woman had created the app for iPhone to pay tribute to the age-old tradition of Hinamatsuri. Hinamatsuri is better known as Girls’ Day outside of Japan. She created an app for iPhone which is known as “Hinadan” that shows people the correct way to place traditional doll displays before the festival. Masako Wakamiya created the app with the combination of two words “Hina” which means doll and “Dan” means tier. The app’s motto is to ask people to place a total of 12 dolls in their correct positions on a standard display which have four tiers. If users manage to arrange dolls in the right spot, then they progress to the final stage. Masako Wakamiya was previously a banker who clocked 43 years of service at one of the major bank in Japan. What makes her story inspiring is that at the age of 60 Masako Wakamiya learned how to use computers. Masako Wakamiya also maintains a blog in two languages (Japanese and English). She used to share clips from her travels to the Meditteranean and New Zealand, and she also includes tutorials on how to make art with Excel. Apart from all of these, Masako Wakamiya also featured at a TEDx talk in Tokyo, where she expressed her views about active ageing in the digital world.

Users can download the app from here for their iPhone. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.