But that hope was soon removed once the Apple TV 4K was released, with no Find My support in sight. Since then, my kids and I have lost our Siri Remote at least 1,334 times. Sure, most of the time, it’s between the couch cushions, but there are random instances of someone walking off to a different room with it, resulting in a few hours of accusations and searching.  However, Nomad’s latest leather-bound accessory fixes that problem. The aptly named Leather Cover for Siri Remote & AirTag is exactly what its name implies – a leather case for the remote that also has a spot to hold one of Apple’s AirTags.  The AirTag is hidden in a compartment that’s underneath the remote. The inside of the cover is lined with a soft microfiber material that won’t scratch the remote or the AirTag.  There are cutouts on the three sides of the cover. One in the front, another on the side for the Siri button and one on the bottom to give you access to the Lightning charge port.  Also: How to record a phone call on your iPhone After unboxing the review sample Nomad sent me, one of my concerns was that the AirTag was covered up enough that any sounds to help in locating the remote would be muted. However, after a few tests, I can confirm that the AirTag’s location sounds are still loud enough to find the remote, whether it’s sitting on a counter or underneath the couch.  My lone complaint, which was echoed by my family, is how much bulk the case adds to the Siri Remote. This isn’t technically Nomad’s fault because the company had to make the case deep enough to hold the AirTag and cover the sides of the remote. I’m sure after a few days of use, we won’t even notice the cover, and it’ll be a non-issue.  If your family is like mine and you constantly lose the Apple TV remote, you can order Nomad’s Leather Cover for Siri Remote and AirTag for $39.95 right now. Orders placed right now will ship by June 15, or roughly two weeks from now. Have an older Apple TV remote? The even smaller, black one? This $8 case adds a rubbery grip to the remote, which should help keep it from falling between your couch cushions. And if that doesn’t stop it, the case includes magnets to stick it to the side of your TV, or there’s a lanyard in the box as well. You know, in case you want to wear your Apple TV remote around the house.