Knowing the prestige and history behind the Adobe brand, one would not dare to doubt its plans for the future, but still less to know its new idea to transform our erasers or sketches into incredible images. A new alternative that could save a lot of time in artistic processes, design, and creation.

Adobe and Artificial Intelligence

As we say, Adobe has long been working in the development and implementation of AI, its new software is called Adobe Scribbler and allows to apply Artificial Intelligence to the world of design. Thanks to this AI, it will suffice to have a draft of our creation in order to begin to visualize a realistic image of the final result.

According to Adobe, in addition to seeing the final result, you can also make modifications in real time, try different colors in the final result, modify lines and parameters. The idea is to provide considerable time savings to creators, and everything this will be possible thanks to the preview of the final result. For now, Adobe Scribbler is considered as a research product by the company itself, so we should not have the idea to see it soon in action at the user level. However, all these news that we are seeing from the hand of Adobe lead us to think that sooner or later it will be incorporated into some of the programs of the brand, as in the case of Photoshop or After Effects.

The changes that are coming

While we wait for this kind of software to end up reaching the user market in some way, what we can do is mentalize ourselves on how creative processes will change with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. The time savings that these innovations could introduce can only be understood as an extension of possibilities and options. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.