As the well-known Russian Antivirus, Kaspersky CEO Eugene Kaspersky said that he would leave Russia if the government asked Kaspersky to spy on users. Eugene made the statement during a news conference in the United Kingdom after a media avalanche initiated by the FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation). Again the mobile operating system is par excellence news. We had not talked about a security problem for a long time. Many applications available for Android devices do not have adequate security. Users of a keyboard developed by the company AI.Type has been affected by a security failure in the company’s databases. Why did this happen, if it’s just a keyboard? The problem is that it had some function more than serving as software entry into the mobile operating system of Mountain View, Android. To be more exact, the keyboard has served as a keylogger, allowing the collection of the information entered in each device and its subsequent sending to the MongoDB databases, not highlighting its good security configuration.

577 GB compiled by this keyboard for Android

We have talked about a number of devices over 30 million. However, in what size database does it alter to? The security experts of the Kromtech company have estimated that the figure would be higher than the 577 GB of information contained in the MongoDB database exposed. They indicate that at least six million entries in this database have the name and surname of the person, the contact telephone number and the email address. From the commercial point of view, this has a great outlet in the black market, about this time, where spam campaigns are the order of the day. Many users wonder why they receive emails of this type if they do not subscribe or sign up for a suspicious service. Here we have the answer.

Full access to the device

On more than one occasion we have indicated that it is fundamental to review the permissions requested by the application that is being installed. Many users do not set and video games, video applications or keyboards for the operating system request too many permissions, which results in unnecessary access to information and hardware equipment. The Android keyboard of the AI.Type company claims access to the information that is being entered through the keyboard. The operating system itself warns the user that this aspect could be a problem for security. What is really striking is that this software is also available for iOS and with a broad request for permissions in the system. At the moment it is not known if the collection affects only the users of the mobile operating system of Mountain View, of course, here we are indicating Android. So, what do you think about this massive data breach? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.