If you have an Android, you better watch out!

There is new malware that will surely plague users with Android devices. It’s called MysteryBot. This malware is not only a Banking Trojan but also features keylogger and ransomware which makes it extremely powerful. The MysteryBot for Android was recently discovered by researchers at ThreatFabric, who initially considered it to be just another improved version of LokiBot. After more detailed analysis, they quickly concluded that although based on LokiBot and probably also developed by the same cybercriminals, it has been completely improved and has gained a new name. “During the investigation of its network activity, we found out that MysteryBot and LokiBot Android banker are both running on the same C&C server. Malware is either an update to Lokibot, or another banking trojan developed by the same actor.”

Here are some MysteryBot features:-

CallToNumber: Ability to connect with the contacts we have in the list Contacts: Get contact information ForwardCall: Forward Calls Keylogg: Registration of everything that is written in the system Screenlock: Possibility to encrypt files Send_spam: Sending SPAM dell_sms: Delete SMS

MysteryBot is ready to attack smartphones with Android 7.x or Android 8.x. According to some information, certain features of this malware still do not work in full, as is the case of keylogger. Stay tuned for the permissions requested by the apps and get them only from the official Android apps store. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.