Most streaming services do not provide local broadcast channels. If you want to keep these at the same time you get rid of cable, you’ll need to invest in an antenna. Yes, those are still around. Tap or click here to check out the differences between indoor and outdoor antennas. Just as with anything you buy online, it’s buyer beware. One business selling antennas is finding itself in hot water with the Better Business Bureau.

An F from the BBB

The Texas-based online retailer is getting a lot of attention, and not the good kind. The company, which sells indoor and outdoor HD antennas, is being bombarded with hundreds of customer complaints. The grievances include missing items, defective items and a lack of refunds for either. The Better Business Bureau posted a warning about, which does all its marketing via social media. Customers should exercise caution when dealing with this company. The company’s site lists a two-hour response time and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. These claims are apparently false, as the BBB logged 372 complaints from 42 states within its three-year reporting period. RELATED: Is your smart TV spying on you? Tap or click here to find out! “I bought an antenna from this site and it didn’t work,” one customer reported. “I emailed and text several times to find out how to return and never received an answer. I bought an antenna from this site and it didn’t work. I emailed and text several times to find out how to return and never received an answer.” You can check out more claims here. The company was given an “F” rating, which is as low as you can go with the BBB. Attempts to contact the management of have been fruitless.

Stay away from these types of situations

This is not an isolated event. There are plenty of shady businesses online, and you have plenty of resources to follow up on them. Here are some tips for safe shopping:

Research first: The first step is the easiest: check out their profile at Check for complaints and responses from the business.Contact before placing an order: Before buying anything, try to contact customer service through phone or email. If you can’t get through now, you probably won’t be able to later.Watch for signs: Read the fine print on the company’s website. What are their return, refund and exchange policies?Ads can be red flags: Beware of sketchy online ads, especially on social media. Don’t fall for any hype. Make the right payment choice: Pay by credit card so you can dispute the charge if there are any problems.

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